Foot Reflexology Massage

"As far as the feet carry..." A sentence we should think about... Our feet are probably the mostly neglected and at the same time strongest claimed body part. Besides, according to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves of the internal organs that spread throughout the body are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. Therefore, the massage is effective in stimulating the functions of the internal organs.

Disturbances of the energy river can be localised therefore and be repaired or be decreased. The stimulation of these reflex points causes deep relaxation, and the life energy, the Qi, is activated.

Very helpful for this kind of massage are wholesome oils and, in addition, a small special wood stick in his function as a massage stick with which reinforced pressure is exercised in different reflex points. The result is an improved general condition, a sensitisation of the self healing forces as well as strengthening of the immune system.

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Thai head massage

Stress, strain, depressions as well as environmental poisons are only some reasons for headaches and migraine. The head plays with the Thai massage an important role and by the pressure on certain energy lines and energy points the blood circulation of the head is increased as well as spanning is solved in the head, face and cervical area.

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On-Site chair massage

If you wish Korkoi Odametey may come directly to your office or work-site, carrying easy to set up portable massage equipment--usually a specially made on-site chair. Your seated massage takes place directly through your clothing, ensuring modesty and convenience appropriate to the workplace.

The comfortable seat position inside the chair causes that the hold musculature can let go and the backbone is relieved. With rhythmical acupressure, prank, holds and stretching in short time an extremely positive energetic state is reached without addition from oil.

The procedure won't disrupt your workday. More invigorating than a fifteen or twenty minute coffee break, on-site chair massage usually takes about the same amount of time and produces better results! Just enjoy and relax...!

On Site-Chairmassage
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