Thai Massage

Biography to the Thai massage of Korkoi Odametey

Traditional massages, herbs and remedial botany were an important component in the life of the grandfather of Korkoi Odametey which transmitted this knowledge to his family clan. Inspires by her wish to provide continuing healing methods of the Indian ayurveda medicine and the massage therapies for the people also in Ghana, Korkoi began among other things an education with the Internationally Society of Thai yoga massage in Germany and the institute of Thai massage in Chiang May / Thailand under the direction of Dr.Chongkol Setthakorn.

Korkoi Odametey is a certificated and approved teacher for traditional Thai-and foot reflex zones massage from the Thai ministry of education, learnt there in other seminars the application and healing possibilities of the sen therapy and, besides, developed with basic exercises from the Hatha Yoga an individual program to incorporate the positive consequences of the Thai massage in her mental spiritual work and self finding ceremony.

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