Kra Shemor Ceremony


Respectively during the annual summer-, easter- and christmas holidays you got the possibility to attend a Kra Shemor ritual in Ghana.

The very unique conceived and complex workshop takes place at different locations and offers, with inspiration through the atmosphere of ghanaian vitality and the empathetic direction of Korkoi Odametey, a chance to shed our routine behavior and perceive our own life's journey with that.

A meditation house on the seaside, built out of rocks of the cliff coast, with massaging rooms and a 7x4m swimming pool, is one of the centers for the Kra Shemor rituals and it is about 30 km west of Accra and close to the fishermen's village Kokrobite.

The workshop schedule will be appointed locally, whereby all seminar participants will be teached alternating in single and group sessions. Further professional lecturers for dance, drumming and herbalism ensure this unique maintenance.

We will also locally make you familiar with medicinal herbs of the country and describe their usage and preparation. Additional to that acupressure- and Thai massage will be teached extensively, which gives supplementary basis for the free flow of your energy flux.

Based on the fact , that we will be visiting festivals, rituals in fetish houses and spiritual locations in different regions of Ghana, we assume flexibility of the participants when it comes to accommodations , whereas these will always be taken care of the hygiene and tidiness.

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Course of action

Schedule of the Kra Shemor Ceremony in Ghana

Day 1
Last date for arrival at Accra International Airport. Transport to accomodation in Kokrobite, 30km west of Accra, directly at the beach. Dinner.
Day 2
Hatha yoga at sunrise at the beach of Kokrobite. After breakfast, exercises in isolation and loosening. Afterwards, lessons in either drumming or dancing (ca. 90min) or Thai massage (180min). Preparative mutual interview. Free time in the afternoon. Group dinner with musical welcome concert.
Day 3
Hatha yoga and introduction to the traditional Thai massage. Activities at the beach will be offered, as well as concerts in the academy. Group breakfast and dinner.
Day 4
Purification ceremony before sunrise, afterwards 1st Kra Shemor session (duration not specified). Group supper and dinner.
Day 5
Purification ceremony before sunrise, afterwards 2nd Kra Shemor session (duration not specified). Group supper and dinner.
Day 6
Group breakfast. Hatha yoga and Thai massage or (optional) drumming or dancing. Trip to african familes at the periphery of Accra. There will be party all night long (waykeeping). Overnight stay on the ground.
Day 7
Free time to relax. Overnight stay at african families. Late group breakfast, group dinner.
Day 8
Introduction to the traditional habits of South Ghana, afterwards visit at the traditional King of Asafaa. Participation of a ritual festival on the ground. Overnight stay with african families.
Day 9
Group breakfast. Vist at different places of power outside of Accra. Picking of healing herbs on the ground, introduction to african herb lore. Return to the AAMA academy, group dinner.
Day 10
Group breakfast and dinner. Free time. By request, Hatha yoga and Thai massage. Activities at the beach as well as concerts at the academy will be offered.
Day 11
Group breakfast. Hatha yoga and Thai massage. Optional: drumming or dancing. Group dinner.
Day 12
Purification ceremony, afterwards 3rd Kra Shemor session (duration not specified). Group supper and dinner.
Day 13
Group breakfast. Thai massage. Optional: dancing or drumming. Traditional festival, either with african families or at the beach of Kokrobite.
Day 14
Thai massage, supper. Leave-taking, comparing notes about feelings and thoughts. Group dinner.
Day 15
Transport to the airport or prolongation of sojourn.


These specifications must be seen as guidelines. Modifications of this schedule reserved, but effective lesson durations are guaranteed. Duration of the Kra Shemor sessions (about 4 hours) comply to individual needs of the participants and the number of persons taking part. Lessons in drumming, dancing and Thai massage are about two hours per unit. Thai massages can also be used separately and individually. Maximum group size is 14 persons. Arrival and departure can be planned variable; we gladly will act as an agent for booking flights and accomodations.



There are three different accommodation facilities, even outside the seminar seasons:

A) A guarded campsite on the seaside is available. Self- catering is possible. Costs: 8 EUR per day

Korkobite Beach

B) The guest pension in north Accra offers over night stays with breakfast. In case you want to arrive or depart earlier, our guest pension is available throughout the year. The pension is located in the calm borough Tantra Hills in the north of the capital Accra and it is twenty minutes by car from the beach. There are clean rooms with separate bathroom and toilette available, as well. Costs: 16 EUR , breakfast included


C) The on the seaside located centre " Eagle's Garden" for meditation, Thai- yoga massage, dancing and drumming, offers throughout the year courses, seminars, rituals and accommodations for vacationers and " vision seekers". About 30 km west of Accra it has been built out of the rocks of the cliff coast, with swimming pool, meditation- and dancing hall. This centre offers the possibility to fulfill the personal necessities and wishes in different and unique ways. Costs: 19 EUR, breakfast and swimming pool usage included

Do not hesitate to visit our website of Eagles Garden!

Eagle's Garden Guest House
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Prices and dates

Please use following e-mail address to contact us for the booking forms or for further questions: adesaconen@web.de.

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